How To Look Naturally Beautiful Without Makeup: 5 Cues!

The latest trend in beauty is naturalness. Now-a-days women spend a lot of time to put on their make up in a way that it appears that they aren’t wearing it at all. Here are some tips which will make you look beautiful without putting any make up.

1. Accentuate Your Eyes

You can curl your eyes using an eyelash curler and later applying any transparent gel to your eyelashes to make them look wider.

You need to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles occur due to deficiency of vitamin B or iron in your body. Incorporate these nutrients in your diet. Additionally, you can use cold compresses with mint or green tea to lighten them.

2. Whiten Your Teeth

A bright smile is capable of adding 100 points to any image. You can use a whitening toothpaste especially after having tea or coffee or wine. But you shouldn’t overuse them as they are pretty harsh. In case your teeth are tinted then you can get them whitened with the help of a professional.

3. Take Care Of Your Hair

Dull and dry hair and haircut that don’t suit your face won’t do much good for your make up free face. Get your split ends cut on regular basis, and don’t go overboard with styling products. Choose a hairstyle which suits your face cut and try to opt for natural colors as dramatic options could be discordant with a natural appearance.

4. Your Lips Cannot Take A Backseat

CTM or cleansing, toning, and moisturizing technique is needed by your lips as well. You can use natural lip balms or oils. Once a week you can exfoliate your lips using a sugar scrub.

5. Take Care Of Your Skin

Cosmetologists suggest that you shouldn’t wash your face more than two times a day. In the morning you shouldn’t wash your face at all. You can use a cleansing milk, lotion, or an ice cube to clean your face. You can use face masks once in a week.

These simple tips can accentuate your overall look in ways you could’ve have never imagined. Try them and witness the difference.