How To Get Glowing Skin In Less Than A Week: 5 Tips!

Every woman longs for a flawless glowing skin but the road to clear skin looks tough when dark circles, acne, dry skin, and pigmentation assault it and you would wish the list ended here. But how? Here is a guide to give you glowing skin in seven days. From exfoliating to brightening, all of it is covered in an easy-to-follow plan over here.

1. Cleanse

You need to keep your skin fresh and clean all the time. You need to thoroughly remove make up for the cleanser to do its action. At least work the cleanser for one to three minutes on your face and then remove all of it by rinsing with water.

2. Moisturize

Dry and patchy skin gives you an aged look. You need to keep your skin hydrated after you are done using the cleanser. Cleanser strips off natural oils from your skin. You can apply glycerin before you hit the sheets and wash it off in the morning to maintain the hydration level of your skin.

3. Exfoliate

Dead skin cells can damage your skin. You should scrub them away if you wish to reduce the number of break outs. You can use a homemade facial scrub or purchase a gentle facial scrub and use it 2-3 time in a week to get results.

4. Drink Water

Drinking optimum amount of water eliminates toxins from your system. In case your body is underhydrated, it needs to release them (toxins) through a different channel i.e. your pores. You need to drink around 4-5 liters of water every day to keep yourself well hydrated.

5. Sanitize Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone screen reek of bacteria! You constantly answer your phone and the bacteria from your skin sticks to the phone’s surface which again sticks to your face, making it a vicious circle. Keeping your phone’s screen clean is an underrated but an essential way to improve your skin.

These simple tips can help you get that gorgeous skin you have been asking for.